Business as Missions

As we prepare to journey to Uganda to serve Christ and His church, we have been looking at how God has crafted us and what type of skills that could be used to strengthen His church. Through God’s wonderful blessing and provisions, I was given the opportunity to work for, to learn under and then to lead alongside Angel’s family in their business, Anderson Rentals, Inc. The time that I spent there will be invaluable in our work in Uganda.

One of the hardest decisions for me when accepting this call to Uganda was making the decision to leave a job that I loved. Working with family has its advantages and disadvantages, but the good far outweighed the bad. One of the best perks was serving some absolutely wonderful employees as one of their managers. Learning first hand how to be a “servant leader” is something that I will forever cherish. This is a “skill” that I would love to share in Uganda.

As we look forward to Uganda, one of the areas where I have been asked to serve is with the Business Development Centre in Kampala. This Ugandan owned and operated center seeks to further the Kingdom of Christ by furthering the economic opportunities for the kingdom’s people. Ministering to God’s people though business training may sound like an odd outreach opportunity. But there are tangible results of this type of ministry.

I wanted to share this video. It was forwarded to me by John Tubbesing. John is the director for Business as Missions at MTW. This video was produced by John Piper’s former church, Bethlehem Baptist Church. I think it wonderfully portraits the heart behind Kingdom focused business as missions outreach.

The exciting thing to me about BAM, is it offers an opportunity for so many people to serve the Kingdom in ways that may not traditionally seem needed. If you are interested in learning more, let me know or explore MTW’s website here. WWW.MTW.ORG.

Here is a video of John introducing BAM through MTW.


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